Strategic Axes

Strategic Axes

"The main elements of work in this line of research are the functional enhancement of people with functional limitations."


Biomechanical analysis of the human body and study of its mechanical interaction with products and environments

Study and appreciation of the behavior of the human body associated with the use of products and services

The study of the emotional and physiological response of the human body and the modeling of responses, as well as the study of the mechanisms that allow the body, through the senses, to receive, elaborate and interpret information from its environment. Aspects related to the emotional response and physiological response of the user of a product and service, psychological measures, the development of comfort/discomfort models, and the study of sensory perception (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, proprioception and balance) the applications of virtual reality to the design of products and services, the reproduction of stimuli and the concept of presence, are the main elements of work in this line of research.

Studies and appreciation of people’s environment

Studies of the different environments in which people carry out their professional, social, domestic, leisure, etc. activities. The main elements of work in this line of research are the thermal, acoustic and visual environments (with special importance in the study of comfort and environmental quality), the physical environments and the applications of active environments and control and environments.

People-oriented design

Services will be provided for the design and development of people-oriented products and services, covering all stages of the process and considering and integrating the user as an essential source of information. This activity is structured according to the following services.


Studying and valuing products and services aimed at people



In addition to the possible services provided, we find products. This will highlight a wide range of biomechanical applications such as software applications and/or instrumental techniques that make it possible to analyze and value the most varied human activities and equip laboratories, assistance centers and others with the most varied techniques, facilitating the application of knowledge that the IIF will generate.

The IIF will also explore the different ICT applications available to facilitate their use by its clients, users when the nature of these applications requires permanent updating of content or sharing solutions with other applications of the same type.
As a complement, the IIF will offer a series of publications that are also used in the training courses provided by the IIF.

The IIF will also have the objective of technological development and the use of research activities.